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Ticket types to Montserrat: Train journey with either the Cable car or Rack Railway?

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Q: You have explained in detail the different options of train tickets from Barcelona to Montserrat. However, what I am not sure about is: if I buy the Trans Montserrat Ticket and have to specify whether I want to use Cable Car or Cremallera does this mean I subscribe to the means of transport I select to go both to and from the monastery, or is it possible to take Cable Car to go to the monastery but Cremallera to go back?

A: Yes - if you buy the Transmontserrat tickets you will have to decide what mode of transport you will take both up Montserrat mountain and back down again.

Ticket vending machines for Montserrat
Ticket vending machines for Montserrat

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However, if you would like to take the cable car for one journey and the rack railway for the other journey, then you do have another option. At Plaça España you can buy a train ticket to Montserrat (if you are taking the cable car up you will get off at Montserrat-Aeri and if you are taking the rack railway up you will get off at Monistrol de Montserrat). Once you arrive at the stop that you choose you can buy a single journey to Montserrat on either the cable car or the rack railway. On leaving Montserrat to return to the train station, you can then buy a single journey on the transport option of your choice to get back down Montserrat Mountain.

Map showing the train from Barcelona, cable car up to the mountain (Aeri de Montserrat) and Cremallera de Montserrat.

Map showing the train from Barcelona, cable car up to the mountain (Aeri de Montserrat) and Cremallera de Montserrat.

Rack Railway to Montserrat (Cremallera de Montserrat)
Cable Car in Montserrat (Aeri de Montserrat)
Cable Car in Montserrat (Aeri de Montserrat)
Montserrat Monastery
Santa Cova Funicular in Montserrat
Sant Joan Funicular in Montserrat
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Mini Mart Mini Mart Pharmacy Restaurant

Aeri de Montserrat
(Montserrat Cable Car)

Train Funiculars

Cremallera de Montserrat
(Rack railway mountain train)

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