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Can I Use The HolaBCN Card To Go To Montserrat From Barcelona?

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Q: I just purchased a 3 day HolaBCN Card. I will be visiting Montserrat during my stay in Barcelona. Can I use the HolaBCN card to go up to Montserrat on the metro? Can the metro take me to Montserrat?

A: When you are using the HolaBCN card it only allows you unlimited journeys on the metro, urban railway (FGC), bus, Montjuïc funicular, tram and regional railways in Zone 1. Montserrat Monastery is not in transport Zone 1. You can only use the Hola BCN card for transport and activities in Barcelona city centre which is in Zone 1.

You can take the metro from Barcelona City Centre to Plaça España station. Then, from there you have two options going up the Monastery. The Cremallera Rack Railway or the Aeri de Montserrat cable car that will take you up the Montserrat mountain.

For more information about the cable car see our page Cable Car in Montserrat and our page on the Cremallera rack railway.

You can only use your Hola BCN card on the metro going to Barcelona Plaça España station from where you can purchase your transport tickets to the Monsastery. The Montserrat tickets booths are in front of Line R5 (Barcelona – Manresa). You can also purchase Montserrat tickets at the automatic vending machines there or alternatively you can buy a number of arranged tour options online which save you the bother of working out the transport connections and separate tickets. (see links below).

There are different types of Montserrat tickets depending on what you prefer. You can choose one with train plus Cremallera rack railway or train plus Aeri de Montserrat cable car.

For more information about the different ticket options and how to travel from Barcelona to Montserrat by train, see our page Barcelona to Montserrat by Train.

If you want to go on an organized tour to Montserrat from Barcelona follow one of the links below.

Booking Information Click here to book your tickets online for the Montserrat Morning guided tour leaving from Barcelona

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