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Winter Weather Conditions in Barcelona Montserrat Mountains?

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Q: I am coming to Barcelona on 21 January for a week. I want to do a day's walking in the mountains at Montserrat. Please can you tell me what temperature/weather to expect.

A: The weather in Montserrat during the winter months is generally dry, but the actual weather conditions depend greatly on whether the sun is out on the day you visit or not or whether it is windy or not. As with walking in any mountain range the weather is much cooler and can change quickly, and you should be prepared for this by taking along the appropriate warm clothing and a light waterproof should you need to use it. If the sun is out, it can be pleasant, and you can walk around with just warm clothing. The sun takes out the cold chill out of the air, although it will still be fresh in Montserrat during the Winter months. If it is overcast, then expect it to be cold, and you would need to wrap up warm and have extra layers. If it is sunny you can get away with warm winter clothes with a back up of an extra thermal layer like a fleece packed to keep you warm should the sun go in. The weather gets much colder around 16:00 onwards as the sun has lost most of its strength at this time. You would be best making sure that if you go for a walk in the Montserrat mountains that you aim to be back before 16:00 to ensure you don't get caught out with the much colder weather once the sun goes in. During deep Winter months, it has been known to snow in Montserrat. The weather and temperatures depend on what the weather is like on the day. It can range from pleasant and warm on a sunny day to bitterly cold on a windy and overcast day so be prepared for both extremes.

Barcelona Montserrat
Barcelona Montserrat

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