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Stops For Bus Garraf To Travel From Barcelona to Sitges?

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Q: I will be travelling from Barcelona to Sitges and would like to take the Bus Garraf. Can you inform me where the Bus Garraf stops? How can I find out about the Bus Garraf timetable? Is there a difference between travelling on a working day, a holiday or during the weekend?

A: According to the Bus Garraf representative I spoke to they have stops at Ronda Universidad, 33, at Plaça España (in front of the Bullfighting arena) and at Bellvitge in Barcelona.

You can find a list of the stops of the Bus Garraf by following the link below.

Bus Garraf travel stops from Barcelona to Sitges by bus

To obtain information regarding the timetables, please visit the official Bus Garraf website (find details below). Please also always make sure to double check the departure times directly with the bus company before your departure, as timetables may change.

Website: Bus Garraf official website

Another option is to take the train form Barcelona to Sitges. There are many trains going from Barcelona to Sitges. You can check the timetables at the official RENFE website by clicking on the link below:

Travel from Barcelona to Sitges by train

If you want to check the locations of the stops on a Barcelona map please follow the following link where you would be able to look up any street location in Barcelona.

Barcelona BCN maps

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