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T10 ticket Validity From Barcelona Airport To Sitges?

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Q: We are travelling from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona and then on Sitges. I have a Monbus timetable for Barcelona to Sitges and reverse. It goes via the airport. Can you use the Monbus to travel from the airport to Barcelona centre and use the T10 ticket?

A: Yes, you can use a T10 Zone 3 ticket to travel on the Monbus from Barcelona to the airport and from the airport to Sitges and vice versa. However, it is important to remember that Sitges is in Zone 3. This means that you will have to purchase the T10 that covers zones 1 - 3. You can purchase the T10 Zone 3 ticket from the RENFE train station entrance at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2.

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However it depends on how you intend to travel as to which ticket you decide to purchase. If you are going to make frequent trips between Sitges and Barcelona or if you have enough people in your group to make up 10 trips then it may be worth purchasing the T10 Zone 3 since it is a multi-person ticket. However if you don't intend to use the T10 Zone 3 for several journeys between Barcelona and Sitges or you don't have sufficient members in your group to use up the T10 Zone 3 ticket 10 journey (i.e. 1 journey is counted for one person and one trip to Barcelona to Sitges) then it may be cheaper to buy a single MonBus ticket for each person. You would need to do the calculations to determine which is the cheapest option for you.

To help you calculate which is the cheapest option I have included the prices for each ticket type below.

Price of tickets:

T10 Zone 3 Multi-person Ticket
The price of the Zone 3 T10 multi-person ticket: €27.40 This would entitle you to 10 journeys between Barcelona and Sitges or e.g. 5 people a return trip to Barcelona airport to Sitges. You can confirm the price for the ticket by visiting the following web page:

T10 Multi-person travel ticket

Single MonBus Ticket
Alternatively you can buy individual tickets for each person which costs €7.10 per single ticket.

For more details on travelling between Barcelona and Sitges please see our page below:

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