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Train Transfer From Barcelona To Viladecavalls

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Q: Can you tell how to get from Barcelona to Viladecavalls by train and how long the ride takes? Are there any other connections?

A: The train that stops at Viladecavalls is the train line C4 direction Manresa. In Barcelona it leaves from four different stations: Barcelona Sants Estació, Plaça de Catalunya, ARC DE TRIOMF or SANT ANDREU ARENAL. The stop for Viladecavalls is called Sant Miquel de Gonteres - Viladecavalls.

The best thing to do is to go to one of Barcelona's railway stations and ask at the counter window about the train timetables. There you will obtain the most reliable information and can ask directly for a small timetable.

To look up the timetables at the Internet see this page:

RENFE train timetables short distance railway traffic (Cercanias) from Barcelona

There is no direct bus transfer to Viladecavalls. But to check bus connections departing from Barcelona, you can visit the official website of the Estació Barcelona Nord, the bus station, to see to which destinations there are buses travelling. You can check it following the link below:

Barcelona Estació Nord Bus Station bus transfers from Barcelona

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