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Do I Need to Give Correct Change To Buy Ticket On A Bus in Barcelona?

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Q: Where can I buy a single ticket for Bus 46 at the airport and Bus N17 at Plaça España? Do they sell them on the bus also? If yes, do I have to give the driver exact change or they have change?

A: You purchase these tickets on the buses themselves. You don't have to give the exact change, but you do have to give them more or less the right amount. Some drivers have refused to accept ticket purchases from tourists that hand over large-denomination notes instead of purchasing tickets with smaller denomination notes or loose change. I for one was refused when I handed a €20.00 note to purchase a ticket worth €4.50. The reason for this is because the bus drivers could run out of change (or are already low on change). However most drivers will accept the €5.00 note under most conditions. Therefore it is best to aim to take the right change with you if possible or close to it.

Barcelona Airport bus no. 46
Barcelona Airport bus no. 46

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Barcelona metro
Barcelona Airport metro (Orange Line,L9)
Barcelona TMB buses
Barcelona Airport TMB bus
Regional railway (Rodalies de Catalunya train in Zone 1)
Barcelona Airport RENFE R2 train

Another alternative is to purchase the T-Casual ticket which you would validate inside the bus. You would not need to worry about taking the right change if you used this ticket. For more information about the T-Casual follow our link below that deals with the Metro however the T-Casual ticket mentioned on the page is also valid on city centre buses as well.

T-Casual transport ticket

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