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How To Find Car Parking Near My Hotel in Barcelona?

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Q: I'm driving to the city and will be staying for 2 days in Barcelona. We will be staying in a hotel on Via Augusta. Can you advise me what my best option for parking?


A: Many hotels often charge a premium to patrons to park their car at the hotel. Other times hotels have agreements with local car parks, and you would pay the standard daily parking rate. However, often car parks offer discounts for more than one day, but the hotels may not pass this discount on to you. You could possibly, therefore, save money if you booked your car park directly with the car park instead of with the hotel.

It would, therefore, be a good idea first to find out how much the hotel charges for the daily rate for parking your car with them. Then use our search tools below to find the car parks that are near the hotel you want to stay in. We also provide booking links so that you can reserve your car park space online in advance of your trip. This is important to ensure you will have your car park space guaranteed to be reserved for the time you need it.

By arranging your own parking you could save quite a sum of money on your parking bill especially as there are often discounted rates for more than one day if you book online.

You can look up your hotel on the following page and then click on your hotel name to be taken to a page that will list the car parks near your chosen hotel.

Look up the secure car parks near your Barcelona hotel

If you already know the Barcelona district you will be staying in you can use our Barcelona car parking map to find the car parks in that area. We then provide booking links so that you can make your reservations online.

Barcelona car parking map

We have also put together a detailed information page on parking your car in Barcelona which you may also find useful.

Overview to parking your car in Barcelona

If the Barcelona hotel you are staying at does not offer car parking facilities we highly recommend you park your car in a secure car park. Much of the city now has car parking meters that are expensive. Leaving your car in a secure car park will help ensure your car is safe whilst you are on holiday. See our link above for further information.

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