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How To Find The Nearest Car Park To Any Address In Barcelona?

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Q: Can you tell me how to find the nearest parking facility near my hotel when I visit Barcelona? What would be the rates?

A: The first thing we recommend you do is to contact your hotel or accommodation directly to find out what car parking facilities they offer. Sometimes they have their own car park that their clients can use free of charge, other times they have special arrangements with nearby car parks with reduced rates for their hotel patrons.

If your accommodation does not offer any form of parking or if you simply wish to find a car park near a specific Barcelona attraction or address then the first thing you need to find is the postal address of the location you wish to park your car.

Once you have this address, you can then follow the link below which will take you to an interactive map where you can look up the nearest car park to any location in Barcelona city centre. You only need to enter the address of the location, and the map will then show you some of the nearest car parks to your specified location.

Car park map - find a car park near your hotel accommodation or any address in Barcelona city centre

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