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How To Raise An Official Complaint About A Barcelona Taxi Fare?

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Q: We have just arrived back from Barcelona and would like to make an official complaint because we think we have been charged too much for our taxi fare. In both instances, the price on the meter was lower than what the drivers insisted on charging. What is the policy to raise an official complaint about these incidents? Please advise how I may file a formal complaint. Thank you.

A: I'm sorry to hear about your experience. In order for you to raise a complaint about a Barcelona taxi fare, you would need to use the online complaint form at the Metropolitan Institute for Taxis in Barcelona website and raise your complaint officially with them. You could well get your money back if the complaint is found to be valid. Their online form will enable you to submit the details of your complaint and for them to investigate this. We have provided further details on how to raise your complaint below.

How do I know what is the right amount of taxi fare to pay?

You should only ever pay the price on the taxi meter. It is against the law for the Taxi driver to ask for more money than is displayed on the taxi meter.

What information do I need to raise a formal complaint?

If you have a reason to raise a complaint about a Barcelona taxi service write down the Taxi driver's number (displayed inside the cab) this is enough to identify the taxi but as an additional precaution also copy down the taxi licence plate number outside of the cab.

If you have a receipt this information should be printed on it. Also, record the final taxi fare and the time and day of travel then follow our instructions below to raise your complaint officially with the Metropolitan Institute For Taxis in Barcelona.

How to find the complaints form on the Metropolitan Institute For Barcelona Taxi's Website:

The Metropolitan institute for Barcelona Taxis has an online complaints form however it cannot be linked to directly, and they have not made it easy to find. So please follow the instructions below which explains how to find the complaints form on their website.

Follow the link below then click on the menu item called "Complaints and Reports" Then you will see a submenu open below it with the same text. Click on the link that says "Complaints or reports" you will then be taken to the online complaints form.

Metropolitan institute for Taxis in Barcelona. Official complaint form to make a formal complaint about taxi service in Barcelona

Most Barcelona taxi drivers play by the rules and offer a helpful and courteous service. However, we have also received some complaints about taxi drivers charging a lot more than the meter price. If this happens, we recommend you take action and raise your complaints officially using the procedure mentioned above. It will only take a few minutes to lodge your complaint. Not only is this a responsible action to take to help improve the service but you also have a good chance to get your money back.

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