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Secure Parking in Barcelona for Car With Trailer?

Q: Where can I find a parking for my car trailer (approx. 7m long) in Barcelona at the end of February while participating in the Rally Catalunya Historic?

A: A specialist type of parking space is required for long vehicles such as trailers and lorries etc. There are only a select few car parks in the city that have this type of car parking space one of which is BSM Garcia Faria car park. We recommend you reserve your parking space in advance of your trip to be certain you have the parking space when you need it.You can do this by following the link below.

When you make your parking reservation it will need to first be confirmed that the space will actually be available when you need it. The confirmation is made normally within the next working day after you make your booking. Once confirmed you will be sent an email notification of the confirmed booking. If for any reason there is no availability your payment will be refunded.

There is a metro stop on the yellow line near this parking facility so you can easily make your way to anywhere in the city from there.

BSM García Fària
Garcia Fària 71
08005 Barcelona, España.

Booking Information Reserve your parking space at BSM García Fària car park.

Nearest metro stations to this car park

MetroMetro: El Maresme (Yellow Line, L4). 10 minute walk from the metro.

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