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Safe Motorbike Parking In Barcelona?

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Q: We are staying in Solsona with our motorbikes and would like to go to Barcelona. Is there any safe parking in Barcelona city centre?

A: There is a good parking network in Barcelona that has many car parks that also have safe parking facilities for motorbikes. You will find they operate different parking payment options that are rated per minute, hour, day.

SABA Plaça de Catalunya car park entrance
SABA Plaça de Catalunya car park entrance

To find the details concerning rates and conditions we advise you to follow the link below and choose from the drop down filter menu the symbol for "motorbikes". This will then filter out the car parks that have motorbike storage facilities. You can then see the rates for each one.

Car park and motorbike parking locator map: Find and reserve your parking space anywhere in Barcelona city centre.

If you wish to store your bikes securely in a secured room along with other items then please see our article on Secure storage of motorbikes in Barcelona

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