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Secure Motorcycle Storage In Barcelona

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Q: We are looking to go to Mallorca for four nights and we need secure storage for three motorcycles our helmets and leathers and a few other items - how can we store these securely in Barcelona?

A: You can use the services of a Self-Storage company in Barcelona. They have hundreds of secured rooms that vary in size depending on how big your items are to store.

We called one storage company called City Self Storage and they said you can store motorcycles in their secure rooms however you need to ensure that the motorbikes do not contain any gasoline. You would therefore need to ensure your bikes had no gasoline before you can store your bikes. Furthermore you would not be able to store the gasoline in the storage facility either. This is for security purposes.

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The person I spoke to said that their insurance policy does not permit any form of flammable liquids or products to be stored in their rooms. We recommend you confirm directly with the storage company the exact terms and conditions before you consider this form of secure storage as an option for storing your motorcycles.

If you choose to store your motorbikes in Self Storage then the cost would be anything between €55.00 - €70.00 for up to a week. You would also need to pay an equivalent deposit for the room however this is refundable.

The storage company recommends you call at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance of your trip to arrange this. The storage company we spoke to said they have someone that can attend enquiries in English.

Below are the contact details of the secure storage company we spoke to:

City Self Storage
Área del Besòs Carrer Santander, 101
08030 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 90 070 0001

Website: City Self Storage in Barcelona

Once again we recommend you confirm the exact terms and conditions for storage of motorcycles directly with the storage company. We are not informed of their exact terms and conditions and we are also not updated if those terms change therefore it is down to you to check the exact terms.

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