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T-Casual card purchase at Barcelona Airport (BCN airport)

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Q: Can I buy the T-Casual travel card at Barcelona Airport? If so where can I buy it? Will the card give me free travel on the airport train to the city centre?

Tip Important update: On 01 January 2020 the T10 ticket transport ticket was discontinued and replaced by the T-Casual ticket. Click here to learn more.

A: You can purchase the T-Casual transport card at Barcelona Airport (BCN international airport) entrance to the RENFE airport train from Terminal 2B.

The T-Casual Zone 1 ticket will cover your transport cost from the Barcelona airport on the RENFE train to the city centre and it will count as only one journey. It will also give you transportation on the TMB bus.

The T-Casual ticket can also be used on the TMB bus N46 and the Night buses N16 and N17.

You can purchase the T-Casual ticket with either cash or notes from the vending machine at the entrance to the RENFE train or alternatively there is an attendant at the entrance to the train were you can also purchase the ticket.

Important note: You cannot use the T-Casual ticket from the airport on the Metro Line L9 Sud. This means the T-Casual ticket is not valid at the stops Aeroport T1 or Aeroport T2 on the airport metro link.

The T-Casual ticket is also not valid on the Aerobus express bus.

There are other T-Casual zone tickets which you may wish to consider if you are travelling further afield than Barcelona city centre. There are six variations of the T 10 ticket one for each of the zones. For most tourist visits however you will only need a zone one ticket since this will cover all of the city centre.

For more information visit the official TMB website link given below to see the exact transport zone map.

T-Casual ticket zone map showing the zones 1 to 6.

Hola Barcelona Travel Pass

The Hola Barcelona Travel Pass will give you unlimited travel on the Barcelona Metro including the Barcelona Airport metro line (Orange Line, L9), the Barcelona buses (TMB buses) including the TMB bus from Barcelona centre to Barcelona Airport, the tram (TRAM), the urban railway (FGC trains in Zone 1) and the regional railway (Rodalies de Catalunya trains, in Zone 1) including the Barcelona Airport RENFE R2 train. However it cannot be used on the Aerobus (the express bus service to the airport).

More Information Click here to learn more about the Hola Barcelona Travel Card.

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