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Barcelona T-Casual Travel Card Cost?

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Q: How much does the T-Casual travel card cost? Where do I purchase it and do I need notes or coins?

Tip Important update: On 01 January 2020 the T10 ticket transport ticket was discontinued and replaced by the T-Casual ticket. Click here to learn more.

A: The T-Casual Zone 1 ticket is the one most used on a tourist visit since it covers the city centre area where most of the tourist attractions are. However there are 6 Zones in total and each zone card has a different price.

T-Casual: €11.35

T-Casual travel card cost for different Transport Zones

Barcelona T-Casual Travel Card
T-Casual Travel Card

The transport zones represent different areas that extend out from the city centre. The city centre being Zone 1.

Ticket prices below were updated on:
 01 January 2020

Zone 1: €11.35
Zone 1 covers all city centre
Zone 2: €22.40
Zone 3: €30.50
Zone 4: €39.20
Zone 5: €45.05
Zone 6: €47.90

The ticket price changes on January for each year. You can purchase the card in cash (coins or notes) from the ticket vending machines in the entrance of the metro.

See the link below to see which zones are covered

Transport zones map for T-Casual travel card ticket

There are other transport payment options available. See the following page to compare the T-Casual to the Barcelona Card (transport and discount card).

T-Casual ticket vs the Barcelona Card

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