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Buy Barcelona transportation card T-Casual online before trip?

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Q: I'm planning a trip to Barcelona for a week end. I would like to know if it's possible to buy T-Casual online?

A: It is not currently possible to purchase the T-Casual transportation ticket online. One option however is to consider the Barcelona Card which is a combined travel and discount card for tourist attractions. When you purchase your Barcelona Card online you will be issued with a voucher which entitles you to pick the card up from Barcelona airport tourist information or the main tourist office in Barcelona city centre. This card permits free travel on the RENFE train between the airport and the city centre, Metro underground system, tram system and TMB buses within Zone 1 in the city centre.

Travel Card / Barcelona Transport Card

Another option is to purchase the Barcelona Travel Card, also referred to as multi-day pass or Tourist Travel Pass, online. This card enables you to use the public transport network in Barcelona including metro, buses, the tram system and the RENFE train which goes to Barcelona Airport. There are different tickets for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days.

Please also find general information regarding the metro on this page:

Barcelona Metro guide

Please keep in mind that if you want to purchase a Travel Card and receive it before starting your trip by certified mail, it takes approximately 10 days to send the tickets within European countries and about 15 days to all other countries. Therefore make sure you order the tickets with enough time.

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