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Is there a penalty if I exceed my journey time with the T-Casual Zone 4?

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Q: I'm a little confused on the T-Casual card. If I travel to Park Güell by metro and after my 2 hours tour, I want to take the metro or bus to another tourist attraction, T-Casual card is no longer valid since it already over 75 Minutes, is my understanding correct?

If I only use only 4 trips on 1st day, can I still use the balance of 6 trips on the 2nd day? Because it will be over 75 Minutes

Tip Important update: On 01 January 2020 the T10 ticket transport ticket was discontinued and replaced by the T-Casual ticket. Click here to learn more.

A: Hello your T-Casual Zone 1 ticket is valid for 10 journeys on the bus, metro, tram or local train. The card is valid until the end of January. Therefore if you purchase a card in any month of the year, the card is valid until the end of January of the following year. During that time you can use it for up to 10 journeys.

A Journey is classed as one that lasts for no more than 75 Minutes. Therefore if you go to Park Güell that will be one journey. If your tour takes 2 hours, you still have 9 journeys left. You can take those any time you want with the year validation of the card. Therefore you have no problems using the card for the other 9 journeys. If a single journey lasts more than 75 Minutes, then you will be charged for another journey. However, note that travelling anywhere in the city centre will not take more than 75 Minutes. Typically a journey will take 10 to 40 minutes.

The entire T-Casual card is not valid in terms of a total journey time of 75 Minutes. i.e. your card does not become used up after 75 Minutes worth of travel. Only 1 journey of the card is used up. You still have until the end of the following January to use up the other journeys. That means if you intend to make more than one visit to Barcelona in a year, and you have unused journeys on your T-Casual it is worth keeping the T-Casual for your next visit to the city so that you can use up the remaining journeys.

I hope that explains things a little more?

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