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The T-Casual Replaces the T10 Transport Ticket

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Q: I could not buy the T10 when I visted the metro ticket vending machine. How can I buy a T10 transport ticket?

ticket -T-Casual
T-Casual Ticket

A: On 01 January 2020 the T10 transport ticket was replaced by the T-Casual ticket. It is no longer possible to buy the T10 ticket. The T-Casual is similar to the T10 ticket in that you still have 10 journeys with a travel duration time of 75 Minutes per journey. However, the main difference is that the T-Casual ticket is not a multi-person ticket, which means you cannot share the ticket with anyone on the same journey. You can however, give your T-Casual ticket to another person and they can use it provided that you are not using the same T-Casual ticket on the same journey as the person you have given it to.

Price of the T-Casual Ticket

T-Casual ticket: €11.35

T-Casual Validity

The T-Casual ticket is valid until the last day of February following the year of purchase.

T-Casual Journeys

The T-Casual gives you 10 journeys each journey may not exceeding 75 Minutes per journey. You can make up to 3 transfers within the 75 Minutes however you cannot travel on the same journey within the 75 Minutes i.e. make a return journey within the 75 Minutes without it counting as a separate journey.

You can use the T-Casual on the TMB metro system (excluding the metro to the Airport) the FGC, the tram, the RENFE train from the Airport and the TMB busses from the airport. The tickets must be validated on each journey.

The T-Casual is not a multi-person ticket

Unlike the T10 ticket it replaced, the T-Casual is not a multi-person ticket which means that you cannot share the ticket with members of your group on the same journey. You can however give the ticket to another user to use provided you have not also validated the ticket on the same journey at the same time.

You do not need identification to purchase the T-Casual ticket.

More information on the T-Casual ticket

Follow this link to our FAQ on T-Casual ticket. T-Casual FAQ.

Our Insider Tip

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