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Buying a Barcelona T10 travel card with a credit card?

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Q: I have read in your site a lot about T10 card and understood that we can buy T10 at the entrance of RENFE station at the airport. My question is can I buy T10 ticket by credit card either at the ticket office or through ticket machines?

A: You can purchase the T10 travel ticket with a credit card both at the ticket vending machines and at the manned ticket office. As a matter of precaution, I would consider taking both cash and credit card. Sometimes I've found the automatic vending machines won't function with a credit card for no apparent reason. Some Metro entrances do not have a manned ticket office in which case you will have to use an automatic vending machine. If you purchase your ticket at a manned ticket office remember to have your photographic identification handy because all credit card purchases in Spain, where a cashier is undertaking the transaction, must be accompanied with official photographic ID, e.g. Passport.

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