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How to Validate the T10 Travel Ticket More Than Once In The Same Journey

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Q: If I use the T10 on the Metro and want to finish my journey by bus, all within one hour do I have to validate the T10 ticket on the bus validation machine again or do I just show it to the driver.

A: You will need to validate the ticket again on each leg of your journey. Note that if the journey time is less than the maximum journey duration from the time you first validated the T10 card it will still only count as one journey even though you have validated it more than once. The T10 travel ticket must be validated however on every leg of the journey.

T10 Single Journey
Maximum duration: 75 Minutes

Ticket validation on board the Tram
A ticket validation machine onboard the Barcelona tram

There are validation machines at the entrance to the metro and on the buses and trams. Every journey must be validated - if the journey is not validated, then the journey will not be registered on the ticket. If your ticket is not registered as being valid for that journey and an inspector checks your ticket you could be subject to an instant fine.

If you are using a T10 for more than one person then you must validate it for each person. To do this remove the ticket and re-inserting it again into the validation machine for each person that is using the ticket.

The back of the ticket will show that it has been validated correctly as a line of text is printed on the back for each validation. You can, therefore, know how many journeys you have left by counting the number of validation lines.

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