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Is there a penalty if I exceed my journey time with the T10 Zone 4?

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Q: I will be using the T10 card for 4 zone which has a 2 hour travel limit. What can I do if my T10 travel time is exceeded? If I validate the T10 card at Barcelona airport and on my onward journey exceeds the 2 hour journey time limit on the card what will happen?

A:The T10 card is issued for different zones and each card is fixed to a maximum journey time for that card. If you exceed the journey time for that particular card then the journey will count as 2 trips. Each Zone card has a different validity time and you should check this when you purchase your card. Once the validity time is completed you need to re-validate the card again by putting it in a validation machine. These will be present on the buses.

If however you have used up all your trips then you will need to pay for another ticket when you reach your destination.

TMB T10 terms and conditions as published by TMB official website

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