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T10 Travel card terms and conditions. Is it a multi-person travel ticket?

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Q: I have read that several people can use the same T10 ticket by putting it in the machine several times to open the turnstile for each person. The link to the tram website says the T10 card is ' a nontransferable travel card is only valid for its holder. Do not lend your travel card to others.' Please can you confirm if we have to have one each as this would be expensive for a journey to Sitges (zone 3) and back but more economical if we could share.

A: I think you may be mixing up a T10 with other types of travelcard. The T10 is a multi-person card that can be shared. Here is the official web page of TMB that issues the card that explains the full terms and conditions of use of their T10 card. As you will see it clearly states it is a multi-person card.

TMB T10 terms and conditions as published by TMB official website

Please take care not to mix up the names of the travel tickets and travel passes and travel cards. There are quite a number of different types of cards that have similar names; however, they are different cards with different terms and conditions, e.g. T dia and times may not be shared. Neither can the Tourist Leisure passes. To see what types of Travelcards and passes are available with TMB, please see the following links to the official TMB website. You can click on the image for the card on the following page to read an in-depth description of the terms and conditions of use of each card.

TMB travel tickets, passes and cards.

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