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How to know when to validate the T10 ticket?

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Q: If when using the T10 ticket and I use the metro and then maybe more than 1 bus, does the 75 mins end at the start of the last journey when validating the ticket or at the end of the journey, and if at the end, how does it know when I get off the bus? I hope this makes sense?

A: The Zone 1 T10 ticket 75 minutes journey time begins the moment you use the card at the first journey. It is your responsibility to ensure that the card is revalidated if your journey takes more than 75 minutes. example if you are on the train from the airport and then catch the metro and then you catch a bus and during the bus journey your 75 minutes is used up then you need to re-enter your card into the validation machine on the bus. It will then start use up another journey to cover the remaining time. It is the passengers responsibility to ensure that they are travelling with a validated travel ticket at all times. If you do not revalidate your card and the 75 journey time is exceeded then you could be subject to a fine if an inspector does a spot check on your card.

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