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Barcelona Taxi With Child Safety Seat ?

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Q: We will be arriving in Barcelona Airport and want to take a Taxi to our hotel. Do the taxis at the airport have child safety seats or should we bring our own? What is the law concerning carrying a baby in a car in Barcelona?

A: Some taxis do have child safety seats fitted however the majority of taxis do not. The law in Spain requires that a baby or young child be secured with a child safety seat when being transported in the car. If you do not wish to bring your own child safety seat, then ask the attendant at the taxi rank to find you a taxi with a child safety seat. You may have to wait longer until a taxi fitted with a child safety seat is available. Generally, the types of taxis that have a child safety seat are the larger small "taxi van" type taxis.

Taxis at Barcelona Airport
Taxis at Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Taxis

Barcelona airport (BCN)

If you are in Barcelona centre and call one of the taxi firms to reserve a taxi make sure to specifically request a taxi fitted with a child safety seat.

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