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How Does A Barcelona Taxi Driver Add a Supplement?

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Q: We took a taxi to the airport from north of Barcelona. The price meter showed €19.00 when we got to the airport, but the driver lifted the price to €25.00. Why did he do that? The driver only spoke Spanish so we did not ask him. Have we been cheated?

A: The taxi driver has most probably simply added the supplements which is normal. Did the taxi driver press a button on the meter to increase the price to add the supplements (this is normal practise) or did he ignore the meter completely and simply request you pay €25.00 (illegal practise)?

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When you take a taxi ride in Barcelona there is a charge for the mileage travelled. This reading is the normal meter reading. When you finish the journey the taxi driver needs to add the supplements manually by pressing the supplements buttons on the meter. There are quite different supplements which can be added after you arrive and the cab stops. The supplements are displayed on the back seat windows of every Barcelona Taxi. With the supplement for travelling to the airport, it could easily go to €25.00 for the entire journey. I, therefore, do not think you have been cheated.

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