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Rules For Travelling with An Infant By Taxi In Barcelona?

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Q: We are planning to take a taxi or shuttle bus from the airport to Barcelona. We will be travelling with an infant. Could you advise of how infants are to travel in public transport, are car seats required?

A: We are unable to give advice on specific legal subjects, however we rang up both the Barcelona taxi association and the Aerobus representative and asked them the rules regarding carrying infants and children on the public transport system and taxis. The information below was derived from these telephone calls.

We spoke to a representative of the taxi association (Institut Metropolita del Taxi) in Barcelona and they informed us that there is a difference in the rules between urban and interurban transports.

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Barcelona airport is considered as urban transport. Taxis in Barcelona do not need to ask you to carry a baby seat. The baby can simply travel in your arms. According to the person we spoke to at the Barcelona Taxi Associations this is legal for urban taxi transports. If you wish to travel from Barcelona to another location (interurban transport) you do need to carry a baby seat. Otherwise the taxi can get in trouble and is quite within their rights to refuse driving you.

When I spoke to a representative at the Aerobus (Airport shuttle bus service) they told me when travelling on metropolitan buses in Barcelona, it is your responsibility in which conditions you travel with the baby. Metropolitan buses have a space reserved to park baby carriages.

Please note we are unable to advice you on legal aspects for carrying children, babies and infants and the information we have given above is what the above transport representatives have told us.

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