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Transfers To Destinations Outside Barcelona?

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Q: I do not know how to get information on transport alternatives if you want to go from Barcelona or Costa Brava to Ainsa or Huesca near the Pyrenees. Can you please give me a recommendation?

A: Your question is to do with destinations outside of Barcelona and we are therefore unable to give you specific information on how to travel to your destinations. However I suggest you consult the following transport websites that deal with transfers from Barcelona to other destinations. Once you arrive at these websites search for the destinations that you wish to travel to.

Barcelona Nord Bus Station - Official website for the Barcelona Bus Station. Offers information, timetables and routes of bus transfers from Barcelona city centre to many destinations outside of Barcelona.

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RENFE Trains - Official Spanish trains website. Offers timetables, rates and destination lists for both local and intercity train transportation from Barcelona to other locations.

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