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What Is The Weather Like In April In Barcelona?

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Q: I am going to Barcelona for a long weekend at the beginning of April and I was wondering what the weather is usually like at this time and what clothes and footwear would be most suitable?

A: The temperatures vary from around an average of 16C. The weather can be hot and sunny or it could be cooler, sometimes with short showers. We have an archived weather day by day weather record for the month of April in Barcelona which you can look at.

In terms of clothing I recommend you take Spring time clothing and lightweight shoes. The hot Spanish sun is just waking after a long Winter slumber so it will not be baking hot, although there are often days that are very warm and sunny. In short pack clothing that is both suitable for light showers but also sunny and warm weather.

We also recommend you take a look at our page on clothes to wear when visiting Barcelona which will give you guidance on the types of clothes to wear year round.

Archived Weather record for a typical April in Barcelona

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