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Barcelona Gay Bar Guide

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This page will give the Gay travel tourist an outline of the Barcelona Gay Bar scene and form a good introduction for a few places to visit.

For information on Gay accommodation and Gay clubs etc see the foot of this page for related links.

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This is a relatively new addition to the Eixample area. It's a large but cosy Gay bar/ club that is popular with the gay community but has an open attitude to anyone and everyone.

Gay Bar in Barcelona
Gay Bar in Barcelona

The best thing about the Barcelona Gay bar is the events, live DJ sessions, exhibitions from new artists and film festivals, all make Sweet café somewhere funky for your pre-clubbing drinks. Look out for the flyers and posters (visible from their cherry logo) in the area that tell you what's on.

Punto Barcelona
Muntaner, 63-65
08011 Barcelona, España.
Metro: Universitat (Red Line, L1) and (Purple Line, L2) 7 minutes
Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 18:00 - 02:30

This large bar is well established in the gay scene and is a good meeting point. It's pretty funky and has differing exhibitions of new artists. Plus with each drink you buy you get a free ticket to one of the Arena clubs (of which there are 5), all popular gay clubs.

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