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Barcelona Gay Club Guide

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Gay Clubs in Barcelona

This page will give you an essential overview of the Barcelona Gay Club scene with further details of some of the most popular Gay clubs in Barcelona.

For information on Gay accommodation and Gay Bars etc see the foot of this page for related links.

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The Arena group of clubs is incredibly popular here and now have 5 clubs in total due to the massive demand. Each caters for slightly different tastes, from mainstream cheese to Spanish pop to a lesbian club.

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The Arena clubs are popular with the straight crowd too, especially VIP.

Arena Sala Madre
Carrer Balmes, 32
08007 Barcelona, España.
Metro: Universitat (Red Line , L1) and (Purple Line, L2) 5 minutes walk
Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 00:30 - 05:00
Friday - Saturday: 00:30 - 06:00

This is the mother of the Arena clubs, it's first in Barcelona and it was welcomed from the start. It has a comfortable atmosphere, and become known for it's wild shows usually involving a lot of leather and stripping.

Arena Classic
Diputacio, 233
08011 Barcelona, España.
Metro: Universitat (Red Line , L1) and (Purple Line, L2) 10 minutes

This bar/club plays mostly Spanish pop and reputedly attracts the best looking boys. It welcomes any sort of crazy clothes and behaviour. It also caters to a slightly older clientele than next door at Madre.

Aire - Sala Diana
Carrer de la Diputació, 233
08007 Barcelona, España.
Metro: Universitat (Red Line, L1) and (Purple Line, L2) 15 minutes walk
Opening Hours: Thursday - Saturday: 23:00 - 03:00

This is a bar club that was specifically designed for the lesbian community, but was soon taken over by clientele of both sexes. It's amazing friendly "anything goes" atmosphere has meant that it quickly became internationally rated as a bit of a European hotspot for the gay community.

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