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This is your gay Barcelona guide page and will give you a detailed overview of the gay scene in Barcelona, including Gay accommodation, bars and clubs to help you plan and enjoy your holiday. By the end, you should have a good knowledge of what Barcelona has to offer the gay travel tourist.

Barcelona has long had the reputation as a city with a vibrant and integrated gay scene. Whilst there are some areas that are frequented more by the gay community, everywhere in the city is welcoming and open-minded, making Barcelona a gay-friendly popular destination for members of the gay community.

Barcelona City Pass

Barcelona Areas that are popular with the Gay community

Atame Bar in Barcelona see our Gay Bar Guide
Atame Bar in Barcelona see our Gay Bar Guide

Many of the gay bars, clubs and hostels are around the area called Eixample (pronounced eshaumplay) and nicknamed gayxample. This is the heart of the gay scene, although it's not exclusively a gay area.

Eixample is a beautiful and relatively modern and trendy district in the centre of Barcelona, with all you could ever need in the form of bars, clubs and accommodation for both the gay and straight communities.

Another area that is popular with the Gay Community is Sitges, which is just a short train journey away from Barcelona. See the foot of this page for our Sitges guide.

Gay Accommodation in Barcelona

Barcelona offers a good selection of accommodation specifically suitable for the Gay and Lesbian community, everything from Gay hotels, Gay hostels and even flats and apartments that are gay-friendly.

To find out more about accommodation that is suitable for members of the Gay community follow this link:

Barcelona gay accommodation guide

Gay Clubs in Barcelona

Barcelona boasts a vibrant and lively Gay Club Scene. Many of the Gay clubs (and gay-friendly clubs) are based in the Eixample district of Barcelona which is the area just north of the heart of the city centre.

Gay Barcelona club guide

Sitges - popular Gay Beach area

Sitges is one of the most beautiful towns along the Barcelona coast and was an artists colony in the late 19th century (it was where Miró was born, and Dalí had his holidays). Therefore it is unsurprising that it has become a popular gay beach resort, with the gay population accounting for almost 30% of summer tourism.

The Gay beach is called Platja de la Bossa Rodona, which is directly under the Picnic Restaurant on the seafront. This is where you will find gay singles and couples strutting their stuff in small swimming costumes. However, with the growing popularity of Sitges now all the beaches are tolerant and friendly. If it is an all-over tan you're after, then a ten-minute walk in any direction along the beach should get you to a nudist beach.

The bars and discos are mostly centred around Calle de San Bonaventura, humorously translated as the street of a good adventure. There is a place for everyone, cocktail, drag and bear bars galore. All-day there are cafes open onto the street where the whole gay community seem to sit and watch each other walk on by checking everyone out for the night ahead.

As yet there is no lesbian club, however, with the growing number of clubs hosting lesbian nights there is no doubt that there will be one soon.

Bear in mind that you will need to book well in advance if you want to come to Sitges for the Gay Carnival in February, it gets packed out pretty quickly.

Spain was actually the third country in the world to legalize gay marriage; thus it has a progressive tolerant outlook.

Welcome to Gay Barcelona!

As you can see there really is a wealth of places specially designed for the gay community, who simply add to the rich tapestry that is life in Barcelona. Also, if it's the arts that you like then why not plan your trip around the annual Gay and Lesbian film festival that is held every October.

Barcelona may not have the gay clubbing of New York, or even the diversity of London, but it's friendly, it's fun-loving, and it's hot so what more could you want?

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