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What makes Barcelona city centre distinctive from any other European city?

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This page is Part II of the Barcelona city overview and highlights the 3 key reasons why Barcelona city centre has such a distinctive personality.

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1. Barcelona city - Catalan and Spanish cultures

Barcelona is known as the second capital of Spain after Madrid. But Barcelona is also the capital city of Catalunya, a region of Northern Spain that has its own traditions, cuisine and language that's distinct from the rest of mainland Spain.

The Catalan people are proud of their rich heritage and have successfully maintained it. This blending of cultures makes the city of Barcelona a truly fascinating place to visit.

2. Harmonious blending of history and the modern World

If there were only three words to describe Barcelona city centre they would be Culture, Style and Harmony.

The city of Barcelona manages to cater for the demands of the modern World whilst ensuring that the new blends perfectly with the old.

A lot of thought has gone into maintaining the beauty of the city centre whilst still ensuring excellent facilities for both the public and business Worlds.

Unlike many European cities that often have a clash of the old World with the new, here you experience a distinct feeling of integration.

When you walk through the streets of Barcelona you can almost feel how the new buildings have evolved and integrated with the historic architecture.

This successful integration is no mean act to pull off, as often the cost of maintaining harmony is foremost in the mind of developers, and not aesthetics.

3. Location

Barcelona's location is excellent. What other major European city can give you all the trappings of a capital city, with fine art and culture, along with 4.2 km of beach only a short walk away?

Barcelona's central European location means you can fly here from most capital cities in Europe in less than 2 hours.

If your trip extends beyond a few weeks you may want to venture a little further a field from Barcelona city centre to experience the surrounding sites.

The French Pyrenees border is only 2 hours drive away from Barcelona city centre. And if you're interested in wines and viniculture you can experience that too as the vineyards are only an hour north of the city by car.

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