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This index page summarizes the key Barcelona Tourist Guide pages on our site. You can click on any link and be taken directly to a page that summarizes the key Barcelona tourist information.

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transportTransport in Barcelona

Transport in Barcelona. This transport Index page has links to all of our transport and travel information pages on our site. You will find information on Airport transport, trains, buses, transfers, metro (underground/subway) parking, access for the disable and more all from this page.

accommodationBarcelona Accommodation

Choosing the right Barcelona accommodation is an important step to ensure that you get the most from your holiday. We have therefore created a number of important accommodation review pages for you to help you make your decision.

Hotel indexHotels

Hotels A to Z index of the hotel reviews on our site.

Hotels, Hostals and Pensiones - Knowing the difference will save you money.

5 star hotels
4 star hotels
3 star hotels
2 star hotels
1 star hotels

Holiday ApartmentsApartments

Barcelona apartment rental - Apartment rentals are popular with families and for those who want a little more privacy. You also have the convenience of your own kitchen, and lounge. Many apartment rental prices are competitive with hotel rates and offer you a more authentic experience when staying in Barcelona.

Barcelona Apartments - how to pick the right location for your accommodation

Tips from an Apartment rental Specialist

Self Catering Options in Barcelona. We give you the pros and cons of choosing an apartment over an aparthotel

Aparthotels - if you like the self catering facilities of an apartment housed in a hotel then what you're looking for is an aparthotel. Learn more about this.

Student accommodation This article talks about the options open for students finding shared accommodation in Barcelona.

Youth Hostels Summary of youth hostels close in Barcelona city centre.

Tips on how to reduce your hotel bill - Do you know the single most important thing that you have to do to ensure you pay the least for your hotel? This article discusses this point. Miss it at your expense!

Barcelona tourist guide photo galleryBarcelona Photo Galleries

Barcelona Photo Gallery Index We have photographed most of Barcelona's main tourist attractions with over 500 photos of Barcelona. The photo gallery page has links to all our photo indexes.(look on the left hand side navigation bar once you are at the photo gallery page.

tourist attractionsBarcelona Tourist Attractions

Barcelona Tourism Attractions This page summarizes the top tourist attractions in Barcelona and provides you with links to in-depth reviews of each of the attractions. We have also included the official web site addresses, address details and the nearest metro stop so you can easily find your way to the attraction.

Barcelona Safety

Safety in Barcelona This comprehensive article takes you through the steps you need to take to ensure you have a safe trip to Barcelona. We cover the main scams and pick pocket tricks with sensible solutions to help ensure you enjoy a safe trip to Barcelona. Read real-life stories from tourists and what they learn 't from their experiences.

Barcelona Shopping GuideShopping in Barcelona

Barcelona Shopping This page is our main index page for shopping in Barcelona. We have included at the foot of the page links to all our shopping articles which includes, shopping overview and special articles on ladies shopping, boutiques, markets, menswear, and how tips on the dress code and how to blend in with the locals.

Barcelona restaurant guideRestaurants Index

Read site visitors reviews of restaurants along with our own reviews to discover some of the little-known restaurants that cater for every taste and occasion.

Barcelona Restaurants


Barcelona interactive map linked to a photo gallery of many of the famous attractions in Barcelona

Barcelona Metro Map

Map of Las Ramblas - Tourist guide to the most famous of all Barcelona streets

Barcelona weather informationWeather

Climate - see what the year round average temperatures are like in Barcelona

5 day weather forecast

Barcelona Guided TourGuided Tours

Barcelona Guided Tours Discover the history and stories behind Barcelona by taking one of our professionally guided tours.

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