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Barcelona activities

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This page highlights a small selection of Barcelona activities you can take part in once you arrive.


barcelona street
Barcelona street

There are approximately 35,000 shops in the city centre. Most of the main shopping areas are in pedestrianized zones with wide open boulevards. This means you can wander from shop to shop without worrying about dodging the traffic.

To learn more about the shopping opportunities we recommend you see our page on shopping in Barcelona

Night life

The night life action really starts around 23:00. On Saturday nights it's quite normal to see hundreds of people strolling up and down the Ramblas until 03:00.

If you want to go to a bar there are dozens all around the city ranging from the small and intimate to large and busy. Most bars are open till 00:00 midnight on the weekdays and 01:00 Friday and Saturdays nights.

There are many clubs too so if you feel like partying the night away to the early hours of the morning Barcelona can accommodate you.

Art galleries and museums

Barcelona has around 55 art galleries and museums in the city. Many of them are readily accessible via the Metro system making them easy to get to from any point in the city.

Although the city is famous for its Modernist art, Barcelona also has galleries that cover a broad range of other fascinating subjects e.g. Museu d' Historia de Catalunya that tells the history of Catalunya from prehistoric times (using artefacts) to the 1920's to name just one.

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