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Coronavirus (Covid 19) Travel Advice and Latest Updates for Visitors to Barcelona, Spain

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Updated 26 May 2020

Latest Update Spain has officially stated that it will be opening up it's country to tourists from 01 July.

RyanAir has announced that they are accepting bookings now for flights from 01 July onwards for destinations to Europe. RyanAir will be operating at 40% of its flights in July. Airports and airlines are now gearing up for restarting business in July. As you will see from the videos below comprehensive safety measures are being taken to ensure the safety of passengers on flights.

RyanAir New Measures To Protect Passengers

RyanAir Travel Advice Wear Face Masks on Flights

Travel to Spain is still currently restricted and only essential travel that cannot be avoided may be permitted under special circumstances. However as mentioned above this restriction will be lifted by the end of June.

Spain has created a de-escalation strategy that will occur in 4 stages. Each stage is expected to last 2 weeks. Therefore it is expected that the new normal will take about 6 to 8 weeks to be completed which means it is expected to be around the end of June for things to be getting back to the "new normal". Remember each stage will be assessed and if necessary further extensions or changes of plans may be necessary.

The phrase "new normal" is used to describe the conditions after the lockdown period but a period were we will still have modified behaviours to minimize transmission of the virus. Some examples may include continued social distancing and the wearing of masks on public transport etc. The new normal conditions will be defined by the governments at the time.

The full de-escalation plans for releasing restrictions have been published by the Spanish Governement. The de-escalation plans are different for each region of Spain. You can find an overview to the plans by following the link below:

Spanish Goverment de-escalation plans for returning to "new normal"

We have also provided other links to official websites below that will enable you to keep up to date with the very latest information in the travel sector for Spain.

Travel advice can also vary depending on which travel organization or airline you intend to use. For this reason it is essential to check with all travel organizations you have used, or intend to use for your travel plans.

Refund for tickets purchased online for tours, attractions and transport

If you ordered tickets for visiting attractions or for transport in Barcelona it is important to visit the official website of the booking agent to find out what their cancellation policies are.

Many travel and booking agents have been making refunds incrementally to customers who made online reservations. It is not yet clear when travel restrictions will be lifted and as a consequence booking agents are refunding tickets purchased as each month goes by as more information is made available.

Some travel agents are taking steps to proactively contact customers but others are relying on customer to contact them. It is therefore important to visit the travel or booking agent website to find out what their cancellation policies are.

Booking agents also deal with many suppliers of tours and venues and each venue has its own cancellation policy. This means that it can take some time to make the refunds.

Bear in mind there are many tens of thousands of refunds to be processed and this could take some time, especially considering the travel companies may now be working with reduced staff due to the lockdowns.

The best thing you can do is visit the website of the booking agents you made your reservation with to find out what their cancellation and refund policies are. It is then advisable to contact your booking agent as soon as you can via email if you will be affected by the travel restrictions due to coronavirus.


Many large events for business, sports and leisure have been either postponed or cancelled due to the coronavirus. It is important to check the official websites for each of these events to see what the current plans are regarding the event. The updated dates might also possibly be changed if the government feels further containment measures are necessary.

We have provided some links below to large events in Barcelona that are affected by travel restrictions.

F1 Barcelona 2020

The F1 Barcelona event was originally scheduled in May but has now been postponed. We recommend you check the following official source to keep up to date with this changes to this event.

Website: Official website for F1 information on coronavirus and the 2020 F1 events worldwide

Twitter: Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit

Twitter: F1 official twitter

Barcelona Primavera Sound Festival

The dates for the Barcelona Primarvera Sound have been rescheduled.

New Primarvera Sound Festival dates: 26 August 2020 - 30 August 2020

See our page on the Primavera Sound Festival

Website: Primavera Sound official website

Twitter: Primavera sound

Barcelona Marathon

Due to the Coronavirus situation the Barcelona Marathon date has been rescheduled for October. This date may change again however depending on the circumstances so it is best to periodically check back to see if an update has been made for this event.

New Date: 25 October 2020

Barcelona Marathon


Aena is the official organziation that operates all of the Spanish airports. Their website has detailed information about the current state of flights into and out of Spain.

Aena Website:
Spanish airports authority (AENA) Coronavirus / Covid 19 information page.

Barcelona Airport (Josep Tarradellas el Prat Airport) Covid 19 information

Twitter: Aena's official twitter feed for latest updates


Below are some useful videos about flying and procedures to stay safe from coronavirus when taking a flight.

Airplane air is changed on average around 20 to 30 times an hour which is considerably more than a typical air conditioned room in which the air is only refreshed 3 to 4 times per hour. 50% of the air on an airplane is derived from fresh air outside of the plane and the other 50% is from recyled air. High air exchange rate helps to ensure that the air remains pure. All the air in an airplane is purefied through a HEPA filter (High efficiency particulate filter) before it enters the cabin.The HEPA filter removes bacteria and viruses and 99.97 % or better of all particulates in the air. This makes the air on airplanes considerably cleaner than air found in a typical air conditioned shop.

Airlines are now undergoing strict cleaning and distinfecting procedures both in the cabins and in the luggage hold before every flight. Passengers and cabin crew will be required to have body temperature checks and wear masks before entering the plane. Social distancing will be practised during checkin and the checkin staff will be working from behind protective screens.

How sniffer dogs may be used to detect people with coronavirus

Cleaning and disinfection procedures on KLM airlines

Emirates cleaning and disinfection procedures

How airlines clean and disinfect their airplanes during the coronavirus outbreak.

RyanAir CoVid-19 Infomation page

EasyJet CoVid-19 advisory page

EasyJet online support

Barcelona Metro And Bus Systems

Barcelona metro and bus systems operated by TMB have published an information page on guidelines to follow when using the Barcelona public transport systems

Website: Barcelona TMB official wesite. Coronavirus travel information for metro and buses in Barcelona

The vidoes below show how Barcelona public transport systems undergo frequent and comprehensive cleaning and sterilization.

Video showing comprehensive cleaning and sanitation of the Barcelona Metro system


Video showing sterilization of Barcelona buses using ozone from ozone gas generators

Things are improving in Spain and the number of coronavirus cases is dropping off rapidly. To keep up to date on the coronavirus statistics for Spain we recommend you visit the following page:

Coronavirus statistics for Spain

Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO)

The FCO publish regularly updated advice for travellers to Spain. It is recommend to follow the links below to keep up to date on the latest travel advice:

FCO Travel Advice for tourist to Spain

FCO Coronavirus advice for travellers to Spain

Sign up for email updates from FCO regarding travel to Spain

British Embassy in Madrid

Its also a good idea to keep up to date with the British Embassy in Madrid twitter feed which you can find on the link below:

Twitter: British Embassy in Madrid twitter feed

Barcelona Attractions CoVid19

We recommend you check the following official websites CoVid19 pages for the main attractions in Barcelona to get the latest up to date information.

Sagrada Familia coronavirus page

FC Barcelona museum tour

Park Guell

Casa Battlo


La Pedrera

Fundacio Antoni Tapies

Castel de Montjuic

Liceu Theatre

Palau Guell

Picasso Museum

Montserrat Monastery

La Roca Village (shopping outlet)

Travel Insurance

During these times it is important to have a good quality travel insurance policy that will cover you against change of plans or cancellation of your holiday for any reason. Make sure to ask the insurance company how they deal specifically with cancellations of your holiday due to issues such as the coronavirus and how the policy will cover you against cancellation for "whatever reason". Make sure also the policy will cover your medical costs oversees if you contract the coronavirus.

FCO guidance on travel insurance policies

Medical Insurance

Make sure that you have an up to date European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Although the UK has left Europe the EHIC cards will still be valid until 01 January 2021. These cards will give UK citizens basic health care in EU countries either for free or at reduced rates. It is worth checking to make sure your EHIC health insurance card is up to date and if not renew it before travelling.

FCO overview on the EHIC medical health card

NHS detailed guidelines on applying for the EHIC medical card

Renew your existing EHIC medical card online

Foreign Embassies in Spain

You may need to contact your embassy whilst in Spain to receive guidance or assistance. We have therefore provided an information page which lists foreign embassies in Spain which you can find by following the link below.

Foregin embassies in Spain

Practical information and guidance on CoVid19

The Barcelona town council has put up a useful information page on what you should do if you have symptoms of the coronavirus whilst in Spain including contact telephone number to call.

Barcelona town council guidance

Town council helpful advice on coronavirus

Twitter: Barcelona Town Council

It appears that the peak of cases in Spain has been reached and is now rapidly decreasing. We recommend you bookmark this page as we will be posting frequent updates on the coronavirus situation in Barcelona, Spain.

Stay safe!

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