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Covid-19 Travel Advice For Tourists to Barcelona

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Where to get a Covid-19 PCR Test in Barcelona

How and where to get a Covid test in Barcelona. Different tests explained. When to use private or public clinics. Location of clinics to get a Covid-19 PCR, antigen or antibody, swab and serology tests in Barcelona. Covid test price in Barcelona and results delivery time. Covid-19 online video consultations to get medical advice before or after your test.

How And Where To Get A Free Covid-19 Test in Barcelona

Criteria you need to meet for a free Covid-19 test. How to get free coronavirus test in Barcelona. Is a free PCR test result valid for travel? Alternatives to a free Covid test in Barcelona.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Travel Advice for Visitors to Barcelona, Spain

English language Coronavirus updates for travellers to Barcelona Spain. Travel advice for visitors to Barcelona and latest news.

Covid-19 PCR Tests To Travel To Barcelona, Spain and Health Control

Covid-19 regulations to travel to Barcelona, Spain entering from airports and ports. Countries for which PCR tests are needed. How to complete Health Control Form used for checks at the Health Control checkpoints.

Covid-19 Travel Regulations From Barcelona, Spain to Other Countries

Covid-19 travel regulations to travel from Barcelona, Spain to Austria, Azores, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, UK. PCR test requirements and latest Covid measures for each country.

Covid-19 Travel Advice When Visiting Barcelona

Advice for visitors to Barcelona on how to use airport transport, public transportation, tourist attractions, beaches, bars and restaurants, nightlife during Covid-19 times.

How To Travel Between France And Barcelona During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Guidance on Covid-19 requirements and regulations when travelling by plane, train, bus, car between France and Barcelona. Documents you will need for your travel. PCR test certificate and health control form to travel to Barcelona by plane. Mobility restrictions in Barcelona and in France, sworn statement to move around France and self-responsible statement in Barcelona.

Covid-19 Travel Information For Visitors To Barcelona, Spain

Covid-19 Travel Information for travellers to and from Barcelona. Latest Covid updates in Barcelona. PCR test requirements and entry regulations for Barcelona, Spain and other countries. Covid information pages of European governments websites.

Latest Covid-Related Updates In Barcelona

Keep up to date with all the latest covid measures and restrictions in Barcelona. Mobility restrictions to enter or leave Catalonia, mobility restrictions in Barcelona and other measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus in Barcelona.

Barcelona Airport and Covid-19 Measures and Restrictions

All you need to know about Covid-19 and Barcelona airport. Barcelona airport entry requirements. Covid-19 and PCR tests at Barcelona airport. Coronavirus measures at Barcelona Airport. Going from/to Barcelona airport during curfew and mobility restrictions.

What To Do If You Have Covid Symptoms Before or During Your Stay in Barcelona

Procedures to follow if you have coronavirus symptoms whilst in Barcelona. Steps to take if you have Covid-19 before or while in Barcelona: antigen test at Barcelona Airport, How to arrange a Covid-19 medical video consultation and emergency number in Barcelona.

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