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Our site has over 800 pages of Barcelona Tourist Information and there is a good chance the answer to your question is on one of them. The challenge now is how to find it quickly and easily.

There are four ways to help you find your answers on our site:

1) Search Our Entire Site Instantly With Our Search Box

The first and most effective way is to simply type in a few key words into our search box at the top of our page and press the Search button. Every page on our site will then be searched for your key words. You will be presented with information pages that are most likely to answer your question. If you want to search our directory which lists other sites that may have the information you want then click on our Links and Resources link under Find Answers section on our Navigation bar - you will find a special search tool on that page.

2) Site Map Page

Our site map page summarises the main information pages on our web site. We have also included a brief description of each page. Site map

3) Frequently Answered Questions FAQ

Our Frequently answered questions FAQ page has many answers to popular questions. FAQ page

4) Still have not found your answer? - Send us your question and we will aim to answer it for you if we can.

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