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One Site Visitor's Experiences On Their Trip To Barcelona

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We always enjoy receiving constructive feedback from visitors who have come to Barcelona. Read on to find out about how site visitor Richard Watson got along on his recent trip to Barcelona:

This Barcelona Holiday Review Was Sent in By Richard Watson
England, UK

This site was helped me before my trip - so here's my bit to try to help others:

We travelled to Barcelona on Sunday 03 September and stayed for a week. We flew from East Midlands (UK) to Girona and took the hour long bus journey into the city. The bus stop is right outside Girona airport - you can't miss it as everyone who gets off of a Ryan Air flight is going there.

We stayed in a hostel called 'Hotel Barcelona' on Nou de La Rambla - it was small - but clean and couldn't have been better situated. We booked it through STA travel and it cost us about £400 - which in my opinion was too expensive. I think if you booked it direct you'd get it cheaper.

As always on arrival in a new city, we booked the open top bus tour. ''Tourist Bus' pick up all over the city - you will see them everywhere - a good place to start is Plaça de Catalunya at the top of La Rambla. A two day pass is was worth every cent. In my opinion the 'must see' things are Olympic Park, Nou camp, Tibidabo and Sagrada Família.

What we tend to do is stay on the bus for the first day - then get off at all the places of interest on the second. At Olympic Park you can go in and around the stadium where the 1992 Olympics were held and there are panoramic views of the city a short walk from the stadium. NB entrance is free - yippee!

Camp Nou whether you are a football fan or not is amazing - walking out of the tunnel onto the pitch with the stands towering above you is breathtaking. BTW - we went back to the Camp Nou on Sat to watch Barca play. Barca won 3:0 the atmosphere nearly made me pee - it was amazing! Cheapest seats were €60.00 although they are cheaper depending on who the opponents are. It's easy to get to the stadium by Metro.

Camp Nou tour ticket price

Tibidabo - If you're on tourist bus you are taken to the foot of the mountain. From here you take a tram for €2.00 then a funicular railway for another €2.00 to the top. Honestly - I have been all over the world and the views from the top of Tibidabo match anything I've seen anywhere. If you are going to Barca PLEASE don't miss this.

One thing that we were warned about were pickpockets. Although we were lucky enough to come home without having any problems. However we heard plenty of stories and actually witnessed a few of them in action - so just keep your hands in your pockets so no one else can.

Barceloneta beach is easy to walk to - past the marina - all very pleasant. Again it's worth a visit but don't take anything with you like cameras etc - and find a place close to the sea so you can keep an eye on your stuff.

Plaça Real situated just off La Rambla is a atmospheric place to eat in the evening.
100's of tourists and locals mix on tables situated around the square. Mainly tapas - but to be honest the menus were extensive. BTW - one place had a queue with over 50 people in it. Try to find a little place just off the square called Los Caracoles - really good.

A few other tidbits - we visited the Aquarium, which was okay - but I've been lucky enough to visit bigger and better ones.

The Maritime museum has a full size replica of a galleon - but I did not find anything else particularly interesting.

The €4.00 boat trip around the marina/dock is only about 30 minutes but worthwhile. We found that after finding our bearings the first day on the bus trip it was easy enough to find our way around by foot.

All the shops - especially on La Ramblas will barter - so NEVER pay the asking price for souvenirs etc.

I was advised not to look like a tourist so I took only jeans and no shorts - BIG mistake it was 33 degrees every day - I would say you can wear shorts just keep cash tucked way down or zipped up.

Barcelona was an interesting place to visit - just be sensible and stay away from dodgy places as you would in any city. If you think that someone is walking too close behind you - just stop and force them to keep walking.

I hope that some of these badly spelt ramblings are of some use to someone somewhere. Rich

Editor's note - thanks for taking the time to send in this interesting report Richard - it's feedback like this that helps to make our site an interesting one for other site visitors.

Additional Comments from Lewis Rosenthal - Delray Beach, USA

Name: Lewis Rosenthal
country: USA

How could Richard Wilson go to BCN without visiting the Gaudí Apartments Casa Batlló and Casa Mila on Passeig di Gràcia? These buildings are full of life. Also, don't miss the Music Hall (Palau de la Musica) and the Picasso Museum. Las Ramblas is just a bunch of tourists watching other tourists who are watching street shows they can see anywhere in the world. Spend your time at the stuff mentioned above, plus Park Güell (another Gaudí gem) and the Cathedral. The queue he saw was for Quinze Nits probably right before they opened (about 20:30) once they open you usually get right in. My wife and I were in Barcelona 9/5-9/9. Great City.

Name: Al Keyte
Country: Scotland

I agree with Lewis Rosenthal, Casa Mila is stunning, fabulous roofs cape and apartments done out as per Gaudí's time. I do wonder though if they should have left La Sagrada Família as it was, rather than trying to complete it. It was iconic justa as two façades. Pickpockets are a real problem - almost got done on the metro on the first day. Plaça Real is definitely worth a visit and the restaurant in the corner is worth waiting for. Richard was right. Barcelona is a wonderful place and I will be back - hopefully soon. Al

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