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Barcelona University - Universidad de Barcelona - A Guide to Barcelona's Main University

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The Main University Building
The Main University Building

University of Barcelona's main building sits at the centre of Plaza Universitat. It is an old building, giving a sense of the university's long and impressive history. However, first and foremost, the university is a modern day functioning establishment that sees students from all over the world flocking to it to study a wide range of subjects.

This article will provide a brief overview of Barcelona's main University - the history of the establishment, the faculties at the University, advise for students coming from abroad, accommodation information and address.

History of Universidad de Barcelona

The University's Grand Entrance
The University's Grand Entrance

In 2005 Barcelona University proudly celebrated its 555th birthday. A letter dating back to 1398 by a monarch in Zaragoza to the Councillors of Barcelona stated his intent to request the Pope's consent to found a university in Barcelona. The university was finally opened in 1450.

Over the years the University has survived civil-wars and in-fighting, to grow into what it is today - an ever-expanding institution. According to the 'Academic Ranking of World Universities 2008' Universidad de Barcelona is the only Spanish University to rank in the top 200 universities in the world.

Faculties available at the university

School of Nursing
Fine Arts
Library Science and Documentation
Economic and Business
Teacher Training
Geography and History

For individual Faculty addresses and contact details go to:

Overseas students

If you live outside of Spain and wish to do a degree, part-degree or postgraduate degree at University of Barcelona, this is possible. There are various issues to take into consideration. These include whether you are coming from inside or outside of the European Union and at what stage of your studies you are at.

For further details on this, see the official University of Barcelona website:

Exchange Programmes

University of Barcelona offer exchange programmes with students from other international universities. This can be for a maximum of two semesters in an academic year.

Exchanges can be organised through different channels:

  1. National Exchange Program - SICUE or DRAC.
  2. International Exchange Program
  3. Individual Application

If you are considering an exchange with University of Barcelona it is best to first speak to the main office at your current university to find out if they have a national or international exchange program. If they do, you will need to complete an online application, after receiving your university's permission to apply. If they do not have a programme you must following the University of Barcelona's requirements for making an individual application.

Bear in mind that you will need to have a sufficient level of Spanish to participate in classes.

Summer Courses

The University's Courtyard
The University's Courtyard

The university offer a number of summer programmes for those wishing to study in Barcelona for the summer. Courses take place in subjects such as sport and Catalan language. For more information see:

Registering at University of Barcelona

Before you start your course it is necessary to register for your course at your faculty. See above for the link to the faculty addresses.

Student Accommodation

There are various options for places to stay whilst studying at University of Barcelona:

  1. Viure I Conviure: A programme where students can live for free with an elderly couple in Barcelona. There are conditions regarding how much time you should spend with the couple and keep them company. In exchange you will receive free accommodation, a small grant and the opportunity to build a relationship with Barcelona locals. For more information see:
  2. Student Housing - normally operated by private companies such as: and

University of Barcelona
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585
08007 Barcelona, España.

metro Metro: Universitat (Red Line, L1) and (Purple Line, L2)

Tel: +34 93 402 1100 

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