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Transfer Options from Girona Airport to Barcelona

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Barcelona to Girona
Barcelona to Girona
This page gives you a guide on how to travel between Girona Airport and Barcelona city centre. We also include links to hotel accommodation in Girona if you should want to spend the night.

Barcelona City Pass

Girona Airport is 103km (64.2 miles) North East of Barcelona or about 1hr 20 minutes train ride from Barcelona centre.

Some budget airlines mention "Barcelona" in their descriptions of Girona airport so that you know when you fly to these small airports it's possible to make a connection between the airport and your ultimate destination - Barcelona.

One other point to note is that Girona is often spelt with an "e" Gerona. Both names are correct but one name is in Spanish and the other is in Catalan.

There are 3 main methods of public transport between Girona Airport and Barcelona City Centre.

1) Barcelona Bus -transfer from Gerona airport to Barcelona

2) Train to Barcelona

3) Car hire at Girona airport

Hotel at Girona Airport

If you are arriving on a late night flight you may wish to stay in a hotel at Girona airport if so visit our page on the hotel at Girona Airport.

Hotel in Girona Centre

Alternatively you could make your way to Girona centre which is 30 minutes from the airport via taxi and spend the night in hotel there. Read our reviews of hotels in Girona centre

Barcelona Bus

The Barcelona bus is probably the most convenient method of transfer between Girona Airport and Barcelona city centre. The bus service is run by an independent company and has no direct business association with Ryan Air. However Barcelona Bus arranged its times of departure and arrival to coincide with the arrival and departure of Ryanair flights.

When relying on the Barcelona Bus to transfer you to Girona Airport on time for a flight, it's worth remembering that the Barcelona Bus and Ryan Air are separate companies. More information on this point.

The bus stops right outside the airport and will take you to Estació d' Autobusos Barcelona Nord (Barcelona's main bus terminal) in Barcelona city centre. From there you can catch the metro underground system to take you to your final destination. The nearest Metro stop to the bus station is Metro Arc De Triomf (Red Line, L1). Make sure to leave at the exit called Sortida Nàpols. The metro stop is only 5-10 minutes walk from the bus station.

You can visit our metro map page to find more information on the metro system. The Journey time from Girona to Barcelona city centre is approximately 1 hour 10 minutes.

Important: Also be aware that there are 2 different Barcelona Buses which are both operated by the same company. Make sure to catch the right bus. One bus leaves Girona Airport and goes directly to Barcelona (and vice versa) the other bus only leaves from Girona centre and goes to Barcelona (and vice versa) make sure you're catching the right Barcelona Bus.

Timetable for Barcelona Bus - The bus travelling between Barcelona Centre and Girona Airport (and Vice Versa)

Please Note: the following link will take you to a page that will have a link to a timetable provided by Barcelona Bus. This information is not provided by We do not monitor or maintain the accuracy of timetable information provided by external companies like Barcelona Bus and it is your responsibility to check the accuracy of this information.

Further information and timetables for the Barcelona bus

Barcelona Bus ticket price

Tickets cannot be reserved in advance.

Barcelona Bus Ticket Prices
Single ticket:
Return ticket: €30.00

You can also call the Barcelona Bus information line - they have an operator that speaks English:

Barcelona Bus Information
 +34 90 213 0014

Train Transfer Between Barcelona City Centre and Girona

To look up timetable information for the train transfer between Barcelona city centre and Girona click on the following link which will take you to the RENFE train site.

Timetable of the train from Barcelona Sants to Girona.

The journey time to Girona from Barcelona is approximately 1 hr and 10 minutes and you will be dropped off in Girona city centre.

Girona Centre to Girona Airport

From Girona city centre you need to make your way to Girona airport. Remember to account for an extra half an hour for the journey from Girona Centre to Girona airport. You can travel by taxi or bus.

Taxi Fare from Girona Aiport to Girona Centre: €24.00

Girona Airport to Barcelona Centre By Taxi

This is an expensive option. A better alternative may be to stay in Girona overnight and use public transport the next day, you will also get to see a little of Girona that way. See our page on one recommended hotel in Girona centre

Taxi Fare from Girona Airport to Barcelona: €130.00

Car Hire Girona Airport

If you are not in a rush, an attractive option could be to hire a car from either Girona airport or from Barcelona city centre, and drive along the coast. You can then make a detour to one of the many beaches on route along the Costa Brava. When checking for car hire companies it's best to compare a few for prices - you'll be surprised at the difference in rental rates and also to check whether you can pick the car up at one airport and drop it off at the other if you intend to make a one way trip.
Gerona Airport Car Hire

GRO Airport Information

Girona Airport Barcelona information Line
Tel: +34 91 321 1000 (Spain)
Tel: +34 91 321 1000 (International)

Map of Girona airport.

For more information on Girona airport Barcelona visit the Spanish airports official web site

Hotels In Gerona

Learn more about staying in a hotel in Gerona centre

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