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Girona Airport Hotel - Contact details for this conveniently situated hotel

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This page has the contact details for making a reservation at the Girona Airport Hotel. If you are flying in on budget airline like Ryan Air to Girona and your flight is arriving late at night you may just want to stay at a convenient hotel near Girona airport ready to make a fresh start for the next day.

There is one hotel at Girona Airport which offers cheap and convenient accommodation. The hotel is only a few minutes walk away from Gerona airport making it a good stop to freshen up if all you want is clean and cheap accommodation for the night.

This hotel has staff that speak English, albeit a little broken English, so be patient. You can simply give them a call to make a reservation. I cannot find an online hotel reservation site that caters for this hotel so for now the only way to make a reservation appears to be to give them a call or send them a fax. The name of the Hotel is Hotel Vilobi Park.

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Contact details for Gerona Airport Hotel

Hotel Vilobi Park
Carretera de l'Aeroport
Vilobi d'Onyar
AP 7 Sortida 8
17185 Girona, España.


Tel: +34 97 247 3483


Rates for the Airport Gerona hotel

The rate for a double room is around €75.00. Remember you will need to add 7% taxes to these prices.

Accommodation in Girona Centre

Note that if you decide to find a hotel in Girona town centre you will have at least a 30 minute drive via taxi from the airport.

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