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Transport Options For Transfer From Gerona Airport To Gerona Centre And To Other Destinations.

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There Are Plenty Of Transport Options At Gerona Airport
There Are Plenty Of Transport Options At Gerona Airport
This page tells you the main forms of transport and transfer from Gerona airport to Gerona centre and other destinations. You'll also find instruction on how to travel from Girona Airport to Barcelona centre or Barcelona Airport. There is a brief overview of each type of transport, followed by a link to a more in-depth article.

When you follow the links given you will find out more specific information such as prices and timetables.

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How To Transfer From Girona Airport To Girona Centre

Girona Airport to Girona Centre By Bus

Gerona centre is approximately 25 minutes away by bus.

How to travel from Girona airport to Girona centre by bus

Girona Airport to Girona Centre By Car

Gerona airport is approximately 20 minutes drive from Gerona itself.

How to travel from Girona airport to Girona centre

Minibus Transfer From Girona Airport

You can arrange for a private minibus to meet you at the airport. There are companies that also have minibuses with access for people with a disability.

How to catch a minibus from Girona airport

An Official Gerona Taxi
An Official Gerona Taxi
Girona Airport Taxis

There are taxis available from Gerona airport. The taxi rank is right outside the terminal building. There's also a free phone inside the arrivals hall where you can call for a taxi. There are two taxi firms that serve the airport. The taxis come from either Gerona centre or from a village near the airport.

See our detailed page on Taxis at Gerona airport for more information.

Gerona Transfer Via Buses

You Can Take A Bus From The Airport To The Centre Of Gerona
You Can Take A Bus From The Airport To The Centre Of Gerona

An affordable means of transport from Gerona airport is the public bus. The buses are comfortable and run at regular times in conjunction with flight arrivals. You can travel on the bus from Gerona airport to Gerona centre, to Barcelona and to various coastal towns on the Costa Brava.

See this page for more information on the bus service from Girona airport.

How To Travel From Girona Airport To Barcelona Centre

Bus from Girona Airport To Barcelona Centre

There is a bus called Barcelona Bus that leaves Girona airport for Barcelona Estació del Nord. The journey time is 1 hour and 10 minutes, and the time table is adjusted to coincide with flight arrivals. The tickets are valid for 30 days. The bus leaves from directly outside the arrivals hall.

Barcelona Bus Ticket Prices
Single ticket:
Return ticket: €25.00

See our in-depth page on the Barcelona Bus

For more information about up to date timetables and prices of the bus from Girona airport to Barcelona, call the following number.
Tel: +34 90 213 0014

Girona Airport To Barcelona Centre By Minibus Transfer

There are several minibus hire firms in Gerona. I would recommend that you contact them at least a month in advance of when you want the minibus to give them time to get a quote together. I tried to call the companies and none of them could give me a quote straight away.

The advantage of hiring a minibus as a form of transport from Gerona airport, is that you can go directly to your destination and not have to worry about navigating. For example, you can get a minibus to take you from Gerona airport to Barcelona airport.

How to hire a minibus to take you to Barcelona and other destinations

How To Travel From Gerona Airport To Barcelona Airport

Private Minibus Transfer from Girona Airport to Barcelona Airport

You can hire a private minibus service to transfer you from Girona Airport to Barcelona airport (or in fact any other destination).

How to hire a private mini bus transfer

Barcelona Centre To Barcelona Airport

How to get to Barcelona airport from Barcelona centre.

Places Of Interest Near Gerona Airport

Transport from Gerona airport is well connected with both coastal and inland destinations. You can travel north to Roses on the coast, and to other destinations on the coast down to Lloret de Mar and Barcelona further south.

It is 30 minutes drive by car to get from the airport at Gerona to the nearest part of the coast (Costa Brava). It takes an hour and a half to drive to Barcelona from Girona airport.

There are plenty of forms of transport from Gerona airport to choose from. The public buses run frequently, and you catch both the bus and a taxi from right outside the arrivals terminal. You can travel to destinations along the whole of the Costa Brava on public transport. There's also the option to hire a minibus or a rental car if you want to travel in your own time around Gerona.

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