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Barcelona Airport Hotel: The Nearest Hotels to Barcelona's International Airport - El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto

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This page has a selection of Barcelona airport hotels that are nearest to the airport. These hotels are mainly used by business travellers and those making connecting flights with long stop overs. We have also provided a link to our in-depth review of each hotel.

Barcelona city centre is only 20 minutes away by cab from Barcelona International airport so it might be just as well to stay in the city centre if you have enough time for a quick sightseeing visit. I have presented the following hotels in order of closeness to Barcelona International Airport - El Prat de Llobregat. Some of these hotels offer more in the way of leisure facilities so if you also wish to while away some hours in the hotel itself it would be a good idea to read our reviews for an in-depth look at the facilities for each of these airport hotels.

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Renaissance hotel - 5 minute car journey from Barcelona Airport

Renaissance Hotel Barcelona Airport is a hotel located a five-minute car journey from Barcelona Airport. It caters mainly for business people and those with connecting flights. Its statistics state that 80% of its customers are on business trips and 20% are on leisure trips. However, it is more than just a business hotel. There is enough on offer in the hotel to allow for customers to have a leisurely stay. It offers a bar, restaurants, a small outside pool and even happy hour cocktails!

Review of the Renaissance hotel near Barcelona airport

Aeropuerto Hotel - 5 minute Taxi ride from Barcelona Airport

Aeropuerto Hotel is a hotel existing to fulfil specific requirements. It sits a five-minute car journey from Barcelona International Airport. It is used, therefore, first and foremost by business people or people awaiting connecting flights.

Review of Barcelona Aeropuerto Hotel

Best Western Alfa Aeropuerto Hotel

Review of Best Western Alfa Aeropuerto hotel

Ciutat Del Prat - Ten minute taxi ride from Barcelona Airport

This hotel is only a ten minute taxi ride from Barcelona Airport although it is geared toward business users it also has facilities to relax e.g. small swimming pool and gym, bar and restaurant.

Review of the Ciutat del Prat Barcelona airport hotel

Expo Hotel

Although this hotel is not as near as the above hotels to Barcelona airport it does have excellent access to the airport via the RENFE train. You also have the added benefit of ready access to Barcelona city centre via the metro system should you want to make a quick site-seeing visit to the city.

Expo hotel - right next door to Barcelona Sants rail station. To arrive at this hotel you can take the RENFE train from Barcelona Airport and get off at Barcelona Sants station (Estació de Sants). You then have a 2 minute walk to your hotel. The Expo hotel is also conveniently based offering excellent access to both the city and Barcelona Airport. The hotel also offers competitive rates.

In-depth review of the Expo hotel

The above list of Barcelona Airport hotels are the closest hotels to the airport. The other main hotels are all in the city centre about 25 minutes Taxi ride from the Airport. To see information on these hotels take a look at our navigation bar and select any of the links to the hotel star rating you are interested in.

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