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This page will give you an overview and links to 11 beach hotels in Barcelona which are all close to a Barcelona Beach.

Who doesn't love a holiday by the seaside? Indeed this is one of the reasons that Barcelona is such an incredibly popular city, you get a city break and a beach holiday all rolled into one.

However, surprisingly, due to the urban planning of Barcelona there aren't actually that many beach hotels, that is until the new area of the Forum was developed.

The two beaches on the Forum coastline are called Platja Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella and both are the essence of calm when compared to the heaving beaches close to Barcelona centre namely Barceloneta and Icària beaches.

Barcelona City Pass

The forum beaches are also cleaner and have no people walking up and down shouting about whether anyone wants to buy an overpriced can of coke. However, there are a few beachside café/bars called chiringuitos which serve drinks and sandwiches.

The beach naturally attracts families, especially with children who love nothing more than getting all sandy on the beach, and business people who get to enjoy the bonus of being close to the beach and the convention centres.

Just so you're prepared, a small part of the Platja Mar Bella and Mar Bella is favoured by nudists. However if this isn't your cup of tea, the beach is quite large for you to find another spot, and of course, there are plenty of neighbouring beaches to choose from namely Bogatell, Icària and Barceloneta beaches which are only a short walk away.

If you are particularly active you could actually walk all the way down all the beaches from the Forum area to the Olympic village where the beaches are busier, and there are some lovely restaurants with beach terraces. This will take you around 30 minutes.

The Beach Hotels in the Forum area have the best of both worlds. The area is newly renovated so many of the hotels are new and offer good facilities, whilst also offering ready access to the Mediterranean sea. However, the forum area isn't particularly picturesque, so if you don't like modern design and prefer history and culture, then this is not the area for you. The forum area is also a little further out from Barcelona city centre so you will have around a 25 minute ride into the city centre.

At the moment the forum area is still relatively quiet and not busy, however with more and more people discovering this area there are quite a few beachside restaurants and cafes being planned. The Forum area is not what you might call "real" Barcelona, and it is quite built up, but it certainly has its advantages.

Transport-wise if you are staying at a hotel beach you don't need any. However, just in from the beach, along the coastline there are metro stations, Selva de Mar and Maresme Forum are the 2 you are most likely to use. The metro offers a quick and easy trip into the city centre if you want to have a day sight-seeing.

Below you will find links to the main beach hotels in the Forum area along with a few hotels next to Icària beach which is near the Olympic port.

Click on any one of these links for an in-depth review of each of the beach hotels.

Beach Hotel Barcelona Review

The following are a list of links to the relevant beach hotel in Barcelona. Click on any link to take you to a detailed description of that hotel including facilities, transport, pictures and description of the areas and amenities near the hotel.

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