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How to Find A Cheap Hotel Barcelona

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Often it's difficult to track down a cheap hotel in Barcelona using only the internet reservation companies. The reason is that many budget hotels normally aren't registered with hotel reservation companies for 2 reasons:

1) They make smaller margins and therefore cannot afford the fees associated with signing up with an on-line reservation service.

2) On-line reservation companies don't make as much money with discount hotels, so they don't spend as much time to sign them up to their databases - this is true for many of the cheap hotels in Barcelona. However, recently, things have been changing, and the on-line reservation companies are beginning to increase their portfolios with low-cost hotels.

I've scoured Barcelona city centre for 2 star hotels and have presented the ones I could find with a web site on this page. Many of them offer hotel reservation directly through their own web sites, or you can just give them a call - if you're lucky you'll find someone who speaks English :-)

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I have not personally reviewed any of these hotels however they are registered with the Barcelona hotel association which is an official body in Barcelona looking after the interest for hotels in the city. I have also selected these hotels because they are all close, or in the city centre and have a metro stop within walking distance of the hotel.

Amrey Sant Pau
Sant Antoni Maria Claret 173
08041 Barcelona, España.


Metro: Hospital de Sant Pau (Blue Line, L5) 5 minutes walk from metro

Tel: +34 93 433 5151

E-mail: [email protected]

Acta Antibes Barcelona Hotel
Carrer Diputació, 394
08013 Barcelona, España.


Metro: Tetuan (Purple Line, L2) 10 minutes walk from metro

Tel: +34 93 232 6211

E-mail: [email protected]

Hotel Autohogar
Avenue Paral.lel, 64
08001 Barcelona, España.


Metro: Paral.lel (Green Line, L3) and (Purple Line, L2) 5 minutes walk from metro.

Tel: +34 93 443 9850

Website: Auto Hogar Hotel

Raurich, 14
08002 Barcelona, España.


Metro: Liceu (Green Line, L3) 5 minutes walk from metro

Tel: +34 93 317 7766

E-mail: [email protected]

Cuatro Naciones
La Rambla, 40
08002 Barcelona, España.


Metro: Liceu (Green Line, L3) 2 minutes walk

Tel: +34 93 317 3624


Bonanova Park Hotel
Carrer Capita Arenas, 51
08034 Barcelona, España.


Metro: Maria Cristina (Green Line, L3) 5 minutes walk.

Tel: +34 93 204 0900

Website: Hotel Bonanova Park
E-mail: [email protected]

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