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Adapted Facilities At Nobu Hotel Barcelona for Wheelchair, Tourists with a disability or Limited Mobility

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I visited Nobu with the aim to obtain specific details on the facilities they offer for the traveller with a disability and limited mobility. You will find on this page the exact measurements that affect a wheelchair user when visiting this hotel including dimensions for the lift, bathroom utilities, washbasin and toilet dimensions. In addition any other adapted facilities the hotel offers for the traveller with a disability are given.

The Nobu Hotel Barcelona is located right next to Barcelona Sants Station. It is a huge skyscraper hotel that is often the site of conferences. It has a level access shower in an impressive bathroom.

For a more general review of the hotel see our hotel review.

Hotel Entrance: Accessibility For The Wheelchair traveller

There are a total of eight stairs leading to the entrance. There is also a ramp leading to the entrance. Both the ramp and the stairs have hand rails. There are two sets of rotating doors and two sets of double manual doors.

- Width of ramp to entrance: 110 cm.

The Hotel Lift Dimensions

There are at least four lifts available. The lifts do not provide verbal announcements for stops. The lift buttons have raised numbers.

- Width of the lift doors: 80 cm
- Internal width of the lift: 1315 cm
- Internal depth of the lift: 155 cm

Public Areas in the Hotel

The bar and dining area are located just outside the lift. A ramp is not needed.

Facility Measurements For People With A Disability for Guest rooms in the Hotel

There are a total of 8 adapted rooms in the hotel. They all contain double beds. It is possible to re-arrange the room's furniture on request.

- Width of the bedroom doors: 90 cm
- Widest free space at the side of the bed: 197 cm
- Height of the bed from the floor to the mattress: 55 cm
- Clear space height from the floor to under the bed base: 25 cm
- Height of the clothes rail in the wardrobe: 160 cm

Facility Measurements For People With A Disability For En-suite Bathrooms in the Hotel

The bathroom contains a level access shower. There is a telephone to reception in the bathroom. There is a handrail beside the toilet.

- Width of the bathroom door: 83 cm
- Width of the widest floor space at the side of the WC: 135 cm
- Length of the floor space in front of the WC: 57 cm
- Height of the toilet seat from the floor: 40 cm
- Width of shower door: 83 cm
- Height of the sink: 90 cm
- Height from the floor to the bottom of the sink: 78 cm
- Height from the floor to the base of the mirror: 90 cm

Avinguda Roma, 2 - 4
08014 Barcelona, España.


MetroMetro: Estació Sants (Green Line, L3) and (Red Line, L1) and (Blue Line, L5)

I have reviewed a number of Barcelona hotels specifically regarded accessibility for wheelchair, tourists with a disability and limited mobility. For an overview of our findings and for links to the other reviews see: A Guide to Hotels with People With A Disability, Wheelchair and Limited Mobility Accessibility in Barcelona.

All in all, Nobu is an expensive yet attractive option for travellers with a disability. With eight adapted rooms you are likely to find that there is one available. It also has an impressive bathroom with lots of space and a level access shower.

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