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Adapted Facilities At Rafael Diagonal Port Hotel Barcelona for Wheelchair, Tourists with a disability or Limited Mobility

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Rafael Diagonal Mar Hotel
I visited Rafael Diagonal Port Hotel with the aim to obtain specific details on the facilities they offer for the traveller with a disability and limited mobility. You will find on this page the exact measurements that affect a wheelchair user when visiting this hotel including dimensions for the lift, bathroom utilities, washbasin and toilet dimensions. In addition any other adapted facilities the hotel offers for the traveller with a disability are given.

The Rafael Diagonal Port Hotel Barcelona is located close to the beach and has a sunny atmosphere. One of its most winning features is that it has a level access shower in the bathroom. With a total of 5 adapted rooms in a relatively small hotel, this could prove to be an attractive option for limited mobility and travellers with a disability.

For a more general review of the hotel see our hotel review.

Rafael Diagonal Mar Hotel - Hotel Entrance
Rafael Diagonal Port Hotel Entrance

Hotel Entrance: Accessibility For The Wheelchair traveller

There are no stairs leading to the entrance - there is no need for a ramp as there is level access to the doorway. At the entrance there are two levels of double automatic doors.

The Hotel Lift Dimensions

There are two lifts available. The lifts do not provide verbal announcements for stops. The lift buttons have raised numbers.

- Width of the lift doors: 80 cm
- Internal width of the lift: 112 cm
- Internal depth of the lift: 147 cm

Public Areas in the Hotel

The dining area is located on one of the upper floors - it is accessible via lift and has a level access entrance.

Facility Measurements For People With A Disability for Guest rooms in the Hotel

There are a total of 5 adapted rooms in the hotel. 3 of these are doubles and two are twin. It is possible to re-arrange the room's furniture on request.

- Width of the bedroom doors: 80 cm
- Widest free space at the side of the bed: 149 cm
- Height of the bed from the floor to the mattress: 58 cm
- Clear space height from the floor to under the bed base: 25 cm
- Height of the clothes rail in the wardrobe: 170 cm.

Facility Measurements For People With A Disability For En-suite Bathrooms in the Hotel

Unfortunately, the hotel bathroom only has a bath, no shower. There is a handrail by the toilet. There is no emergency call system in the bathroom. There is a handrail beside the toilet.

- Width of the bathroom door: 80 cm
- Width of the widest floor space at the side of the WC: 110 cm
- Length of the floor space in front of the WC: 147 cm
- Height of the toilet seat from the floor: 43 cm
- Opening Space for shower door: 170 cm
- Height of the sink: 77 cm
- Height from the floor to the bottom of the sink: 59 cm
- Height from the floor to the base of the mirror: 84 cm.

Rafael Diagonal Port Hotel is an attractive option on many fronts. It is a three star hotel, making it more affordable than most wheelchair accessible hotels in Barcelona. It also contains a total of five adapted rooms - generous for a hotel of its size. It also has level access showers in the bathroom. Located with views of Barcelona's wheelchair accessible beach, it is definitely worth checking out.

Rafael Diagonal Port
Lope de Vega, 4
08005 Barcelona, España.


metroMetro: Poblenou (Yellow Line, L4) 7 minutes.

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