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A List of Some of Pet-Friendly Hotels In Barcelona

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Barcelona is a city that is full of small dogs. This may be down to the apartment style living or simply to fashion. Forward thinking hotels have adapted to this way of thinking and are making provisions for animals to stay in hotels.

On this page you will find a hand-picked selection of Barcelona hotels that are suitable for pet-owners. The hotels that have been selected are those that allow pets in the rooms.

Catedral Hotel Barcelona

Pets are allowed in the hotel, but they are not permitted to enter the restaurant, terrace or swimming pool areas.

Hotel Regencia Colon

Pets are allowed in the hotel, as long as they aren't elephants!

Millenni Hotel Barcelona

Pets are allowed in the hotel.

Century Park Hotel

Small pets are allowed to stay in the hotel at a cost.

Granados 83 Hotel Barcelona

Pets are permitted to stay in the hotel, but at an extra cost to the customer.

Petit Palace Hotel Barcelona

Its forward thinking policies include pet friendly rooms, family rooms and computers in every room.

If you are interested in bringing your pet to stay in a hotel that is not listed here it may still be worth enquiring as to their pet policy. Travelling with pets has become increasingly popular and more hotels may be changing their way of thinking on this topic.

Many luxury hotels are open to bespoke requests from customers. Luxury Hotels for information on Barcelona's luxury hotels.

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