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Hotel on La Rambla Barcelona

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La Rambla Barcelona
La Rambla Barcelona

This page will give you an overview of the positives and the negatives of staying on a Hotel on La Rambla Barcelona, the world-famous Boulevard that runs through central Barcelona. You will also find links to detailed hotel reviews of some of the most popular hotels that the Rambla has to offer.

If you want to stay on La Rambla be assured that you are not alone. La Rambla is well-known as being the heart of Barcelona, slap bang in the middle of the city and the hub of much of the action. If you stay in a hotel on La Rambla you will definitely feel like you are part of the city and all the action it has to offer. However, you will also be in the most touristy part of the city and will probably find it hard to get a real taste for Catalan life. Nevertheless, all you have to do is take a short walk off either side of the street, and you will find slightly more authentic parts of Barcelona.

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To stay in the middle of the city also means you will be privy to every noise, and believe me Barcelona is an incredibly noisy city, that there is. This can range from the stag parties crawling up the Rambla at 03:00, to the dustbin trucks at midnight, or the market trucks at 05:00. But never fear because many of the better hotels, including the ones I have reviewed for you, have almost soundproofed rooms to ensure a good nights sleep.

One of the best things about staying in a hotel on La Rambla is you will be in the heart of the city, and therefore close to most of the main tourist attractions: the Cathedral is a few minutes walk, as is the MACBA, several other art galleries, Plaça de Catalunya, plenty of shops and close to the beach. Plus if where you want to go is that little bit further like Park Güell or La Pedrera, then you have 3 metro stops (all on the same Green Line, L3) to choose from. Plus you get the added bonus of never losing your hotel, almost everyone knows where La Rambla is.

Street performer on la Rambla
Street performer on la Rambla

Nevertheless you will pay the price of being one of the many people who want to stay on a hotel on La Rambla, and expect to pay more for less. A lot of things on the Rambla, such as the restaurants are purely for tourists and will most likely charge you well over the odds for your jug of sangria. The hotels are not so bad. They are expensive, but many have good facilities. As with hotels in every city centre, you must be willing to sacrifice space, and sometimes personality for a good location.

La Rambla is a world famous street for a reason, and even if you don't stay there you will find yourself walking the length of it over and over again, and there is always some new street performer or flower stall to check out. If you are only staying a short while in Barcelona, then why not be in the middle of the action, it is so convenient for everything. There is even a tourist information point situated on La Rambla during the summer months, if you don't wish to walk 5 minutes up to the official office in Plaça de Catalunya.

Here is a short introduction to 3 hotels on/close to La Rambla that I've reviewed:

Hotel Serhs Rivoli Rambla - Situated on La Rambla

This hotel on La Rambla in Barcelona is a four star hotel at the top end (near Plaça de Catalunya) of La Rambla and has the comforting motto "Business and good cheer in the city centre". Many of the rooms look straight onto the street so you can watch the world go by from the comfort and relative quiet of your hotel room.

Review of Hotel Serhs Rivoli Rambla

Hotel Royal Barcelona - Situated on La Rambla

This hotel on La Rambla is also four stars and is almost directly opposite Hotel Rivoli. Though not as attractive from the outside this hotel is on the Raval side of town whilst the Rivoli is in the Barri Gòtic side.
Review of Hotel Royal Barcelona.

Le Meridien Hotel situated on La Rambla and only a few minutes walk from the Plaça de Catalunya Square.

This 5 star hotel on the Ramblas offers you excellent location from which to Base your visit to Barcelona.

Review of Le Meridien hotel in Barcelona.

This review of hotels on La Rambla has given you some of the pros and cons of choosing La Rambla as your base. The only way to test it now is to see for yourself. I personally would have no problem staying on La Rambla for a few days, though I would perhaps not recommend it to the elderly or those with children simply because of the hectic pace of the area and the risk of noise and disturbance. However Barcelona is such a vibrant city that never sleeps so why not spend a few days at the forefront of the action.

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