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Hotel Map: Barceloneta Hotels in Barcelona

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Barceloneta beach is the closest beach to the city centre. Choosing a hotel here will mean that you'll be staying in one of the most stylish areas of Barcelona. You have the beach and the Marina area along with some excellent restaurants and wonderful views of the Mediterranean sea.

The map below illustrates the hotels that are closest to Barceloneta beach. Click on the circular coloured image to go to see our review of that hotel.

Map showing hotels near Barceloneta

Location map showing the hotels near Barceloneta in Barcelona, Spain.

El Born
Port Olimpic
Port Vell
Oasis Hotel
(2 Star)
Santa Marta Hotel
(2 Star)
Arts Hotel
(5 Star)

Hotel Name Hotel Registration Code Hotel Number/ Star Rating
Arts Hotel HB-003984 (01 / 5 Star)
Oasis Hotel HB-002279 (03 / 2 Star)
Santa Marta Hotel HB-000495 (10 / 2 Star)

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